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  1. Export promotion activities should be conducted on proper electronic platforms/media.  Electronic platforms/media include trade portals, search engines, social media and electronic publications.
  2. In considering whether an electronic platform/media is proper for conducting the export promotion activity and mainly targets markets outside Hong Kong, TID will make reference to various factors, including how the electronic platform/media can facilitate the applicant enterprise in export promotion, the domain name of the platform/media, type of language used, content, function, type of target visitors and geographical distribution of visitors/downloads, etc.  In general, for a platform/media to be considered as mainly targeting markets outside Hong Kong, the number of local visitors/downloads of the platform/media should not exceed 30% of its total number of visitors/downloads.  The operator of the platform/media concerned should provide statistics on the geographical distribution of visitors/downloads on the relevant electronic platform/media to prove the credibility of the platform/media concerned and that it is mainly targeting markets outside Hong Kong.

Last Revision Date : 11 November 2022