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Mainly Target at Markets outside Hong Kong

TID will make reference to the following criteria in determining whether a local trade fair/exhibition fulfils the requirement of “mainly target at markets outside Hong Kong”:

  1. The trade fair/exhibition should mainly target at traders outside Hong Kong and locally.  In general, public admission should not be allowed.  However, if public admission is allowed, the total period which is open to the public should not exceed one half of the total duration of the activity.

  2. For a trade fair/exhibition which is open to both the public and traders and whereby a “trade zone” (i.e. a dedicated zone for the admission of traders exclusively within the exhibition area) is instituted by the organiser, if the applicant enterprise’s booth is located inside the trade zone, it is deemed to be eligible for the Fund.  However, the organiser must seek pre-approval from TID for such arrangement.

The organiser should also make arrangements to attract traders outside Hong Kong to participate in the trade fair/exhibition.

For the duration which is open for public admission and the total duration of the activity as mentioned in (1) above, only the opening hours between 9am and 5pm each day will be taken into account.  The opening arrangement beyond the said duration will not be subject to restriction.

For the “trade zone” as mentioned in (2) above, TID will consider the following factors in determining the pre-approval of the “trade zone:

  1. The “trade zone” is segregated from the “public zone” and has a clearly separated entrance and signage indicating that admission to certain zone is restricted to traders only.  Also, effective measures should be put in place by the organiser to ensure that visitors to the “public zone” will not be allowed to enter the “trade zone”.

  2. The opening hours and admission arrangements for the “trade zone” should be publicised to all exhibitors and visitors before and during the exhibition.  The organiser should inform the exhibitors within the “trade zone” of the admission arrangements for the “trade zone” in details before they agree to join the exhibition.

  3. In seeking TID’s pre-approval, the organiser will be required to provide the pricing schedule for the exhibitors in both the “trade zone” and “public zone” to TID.  After the exhibition is completed, the organiser will be required to provide a list showing all the exhibitors in both zones to TID.  Applicant enterprises with booths in both the “trade zone” and “public zone” have to submit all related invoices and receipts as supporting documents for their applications.

  4. Organiser should seek pre-approval from TID not less than 2 months before commencement of the trade fair/exhibition in question.  No retrospective application will be accepted.

Please click here for the list of local trade fairs/exhibitions with pre-approval for their “trade zone” arrangements.

TID officials may conduct site visit to the trade fair/exhibition venue to ensure that the relevant arrangements of trade fair/exhibition are duly implemented.

Last Revision Date : 12 May 2020