1. In considering whether a corporate website/mobile application owned by the applicant enterprise mainly targets markets outside Hong Kong, TID will make reference to various factors, including how the corporate website/mobile application can facilitate the applicant enterprise’s export promotion, language used, content, function and proof of the applicant enterprise’s export business, etc.

  2. The service provider for the setting up/enhancement of the corporate website/mobile application must be an information technology company with good track record.

  3. The corporate website/mobile application must contain information about the applicant enterprise, its products and/or services, as well as its full company name and Hong Kong contact information.

  4. For setting up/enhancement of the corporate website of an applicant enterprise, the domain name of the website must be owned by the applicant enterprise.  For setting up/enhancement of the corporate mobile application, the mobile application must be published by the applicant enterprise on app store(s) and available for download in overseas markets.

Last Revision Date : 28 August 2023