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Use of loans

The Business Installations and Equipment Loans should be used for acquiring installations or equipment relating to the applicant's business operation, which may include the following:

  • machinery
  • tools
  • computer software and hardware
  • communication system
  • office equipment
  • transport facilities
  • furniture
  • fixtures (e.g. air-conditioning system, built-in cabinets and lighting system, etc., but excluding decoration works)

The installations and equipment may be located outside Hong Kong.  The loans may also be used for acquiring second-hand installations and equipment.

Form of loans and repayment terms

The Business Installations and Equipment Loans must be in the form of either a non-revolving loan or a hire purchase agreement.

The loans should be repaid to the PLI by installments.  The first installment should take place not later than six months after the loan has been activated.  The repayment interval between subsequent installments should not exceed three months.

Last Review Date : 08 July 2016