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  1. Firstly, an enterprise should apply for a Business Installations and Equipment Loan or a Working Capital Loan from a PLI.

  2. At the time of the loan application, the enterprise is required to submit relevant financial information for PLI's assessment.  A limited company is required to provide the PLI with its latest audited accounts whereas an unlimited company its latest financial statements.  This requirement does not apply to enterprises that are established for less than 18 months as at the date on which the loan application is received by the PLI, though the enterprises will still be required by the PLI to submit their current credit and financial information for the PLI's assessment.

  3. The PLI assesses the loan application and determines whether the applicant enterprise requires the guarantee of the SGS.

  4. An enterprise requiring the guarantee of the SGS should complete the loan guarantee application form and submit it to the PLI for endorsement.  The PLI then submits the endorsed application form to the TID for consideration.

  5. Once the application is approved, the TID would issue guarantee in favour of the PLI for the loan concerned.  
  6. Applications for guarantee under the SGS are free of charge. 

Last Review Date : 08 July 2016