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EMF provides funding support to SMEs for their participation in the following export promotion activities to promote their own products and/or services.  Such export promotion activities/platforms must be organised/operated by organisations with a good track record4:

  1. Trade fairs/exhibitions outside Hong Kong.

  2. Business missions outside Hong Kong5.

  3. Local trade fairs/exhibitions which mainly target at markets outside Hong Kong (Please click here for more detailed requirements).

  4. Placing advertisements on trade publications which mainly target at markets outside Hong Kong.

  5. Export promotion activities (such as placing advertisements, keyword search, listing product information, setting up or enhancing online shop, participating in virtual exhibitions, etc.) which are conducted through electronic platforms/media6 and which mainly target at markets outside Hong Kong.

  6. Setting up or enhancement of a corporate website/mobile application of the applicant enterprise which mainly targets at markets outside Hong Kong7.

An enterprise may seek preliminary advice from Trade and Industry Department (TID) on the eligibility of a particular export promotion activity for funding support under EMF.  The enterprise should provide in writing to TID information on the activity in question (including the name of the activity and platform/media8, objective and scope of the activity, target participants, programme details and date of the activity, etc.).  TID will make a preliminary assessment on the eligibility of the activity in question and provide a written response.  However, this preliminary assessment is not an approval for funding support under EMF in relation to the activity.  Any subsequent change in the nature, scope or other arrangements of the activity may affect its eligibility for EMF.  Previous approval for funding support in relation to a particular activity does not guarantee that the same activity will be eligible for funding support in future.  TID will evaluate each activity and application having regard to the prevailing circumstances.


4. In considering whether an organiser/operator/service provider has a good track record, Trade and Industry Department (TID) will make reference to various factors, including its business nature, size of business (such as number of employees), years of establishment, number of years of experience in organising/operating/providing relevant activities/platforms/services, the nature/type, number and scale of similar activities/platforms/services previously organised/operated/provided, organiser’s/operator’s/service provider’s credibility, feedback of the trade on relevant activities/platforms/services organised/operated/provided and enterprises which have participated in the relevant activities/platforms or used the relevant services before, etc.

5. For business missions organised by Government, Government-related organisations or non-profit distributing trade and industrial organisations for the purpose of market expansion, the itinerary must include business meetings with the local government, the local trade and industry or the local trade and industrial organisations of the city of the activity, or include factory or site visits in the city of the activity.  For other business missions, the itinerary must include one-on-one business matching sessions for enterprises to meet with foreign buyers.  In considering the eligibility of a business mission, TID will take into account the overall arrangement for the business mission including the aim, the number of participants and other relevant details.  Business mission comprises tours only will not be considered.

6. Electronic platforms/media include trade portals, search engines, social media and electronic publications.  In considering whether an electronic platform/media mainly targets at markets outside Hong Kong, TID will make reference to various factors, including how the electronic platform/media can facilitate the applicant enterprise in export promotion, the domain name of the platform/media, type of language used, content, function, type of target visitors and geographical distribution of visitors/downloads, etc.  In general, for a platform/media to be considered as mainly targeting at markets outside Hong Kong, the number of local visitors/downloads of the platform/media should not exceed 30% of its total number of visitors/downloads.  The operator of the platform/media concerned should provide statistics on the geographical distribution of visitors/downloads on the relevant electronic platform/media to prove that the platform/media concerned is mainly targeting at markets outside Hong Kong.

7. In considering whether a corporate website/ mobile application mainly targets markets outside Hong Kong, TID will make reference to various factors, including how the corporate website/ mobile application can facilitate the applicant enterprise’s export promotion, type of language used, content, function and proof of the applicant enterprise’s export business, etc.

8. Applicant enterprises may obtain information on activities and platforms/media which have been funded by EMF in the past 12 months from our webpage.

Last Revision Date : 16 April 2020