Projects Funded under the SME Development Fund

(Only on-going projects and projects completed for not more than five years are shown)

Note: For information on earlier projects, please contact the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund Secretariat.

Project Reference Project Title Grantee Fund Approved (HK$)
D15003010 To enable the local critical components SMEs in capturing the business opportunity in the high value-added healthcare and medical devices market Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturers Association Limited 2,349,314 00368 00115,00116,00120,00152,00185,00301,00563,00684,00809,00812,00948,00949 00009 006 100
D16002003 Hong Kong foundation industry towards “Industry 4.0”: Formulate a “Short-Mid-Term Strategic Upgrade Mapping” and develop a “Practical Implementation Guideline” for Hong Kong foundation industries based on the new business & manufacturing concept & standard of Industry 4.0 Hong Kong Federation Of Innovative Technologies And Manufacturing Industries Limited 2,316,092 00809 00014,00021,00034,00055,00116,00120,00269,00301,00386,00624,00629,00684 00009 005 001,100,102,104,111
D16003006 Create “Hong Kong footwear homebase” platform to pass on the industry's craftsmanship wisdom and technologies for the betterment in R&D and sustainable development The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Limited 3,869,991 00841 00087,00374,00921,00953,01202,01208 00009 005 113
D16004003 SME dispute resolution centre – enhancing SMEs’ competitiveness by resolving commercial disputes effectively Joint Mediation Helpline Office 1,965,510 00925 00301,00624,00926,00927,00928,00929,00930,00931,00935 005 001
D16004004 Awareness Enhancement Program for secondary packaging and Good Distribution Practice of local proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) The Hong Kong Society of Chinese Medicines Limited 1,236,024 00400 00178,00310,00525,00526,00894,00895,00896,00900,00902,00938,01308,01309 00009 005 100
D17001003 Hong Kong Hair and Styling Arts Festival 2018 AHMA Limited 2,530,620 01156 00175,01073 006 217
D17001005 To enhance the ability and upgrade the local electronics industry for entering the smart medical and healthcare device industry focusing on parts and components market The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Limited 1,221,635 00034 00055,00231,00301,00608,00804,00809 00009 005 102
D17002004 To establish a re-industrialization roadmap for HK SMEs of the textile and fashion industry through an in-depth study of worldwide material development and technology application trend and the capability and gap with the local industry Hong Kong Knitwear Exporters & Manufacturers Association Limited 1,035,963 01230 00082,00279,00476,00685,00921,01089 00009,00097 007 108
D17002006 Guidelines and training workshops on upgrading the pest control services of Hong Kong pest control SMEs Hong Kong Pest Management Association 773,874 01279 01280 00129 003,005 200
D17002007 To promote Hong Kong’s high quality corporate fashion industry and as a one stop sourcing hub to potential markets worldwide Hong Kong Apparel Society Limited 2,139,120 00921 00015,00301,00841,01257,01281,01282 00009 006 108
D17003003 Under ‘One Belt One Road’ opportunity – Develop ASEAN market for local medicine and health food (Chinese herbal medicine) Hong Kong Chinese Prepared Medicine Traders Association Limited 1,734,930 00900 00178,00310,00400,00525,00894,00895,00896,00897,00901,00902,01308,01309,01314,01315 00009 006 100
D17003004 To explore potential markets in the Belt and Road, focusing in the Mainland and Vietnam for Hong Kong footwear SMEs along the supply chain Hong Kong Footwear Association Limited 4,274,055 00952 00087,00386,00953 00009 006 113
D17003007 Enhance the O2O experience among designers, manufacturers and retailers through demonstrating to the industries the practical model with the state of the art technology Hong Kong O2O E-commerce Federation Limited 1,589,013 01300 00118,00240,00685,01301,01302,01303,01304 00009 005 001
D17003008 Development of the "Eyewear Engineering Design Guidebook for Better-fit" to enhance the quality and competitiveness of Hong Kong eyewear manufacturing industry Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association Limited (HKOMA) 1,506,254 00010 01305,01307 00009 005 100
D17003009 To strengthen the own branding products of Hong Kong electrical appliance industry – promote the collective image of smart design, advanced technology and high quality of Hong Kong electrical appliances target to the emerging markets Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association Limited 2,298,025 00269 00301,00631 00009 005 117
D17004003 Towards Logistics 4.0 – Preparing for the next stage of logistics in Hong Kong The Hong Kong Shippers' Council 2,017,620 00367 00271,00362,00387,00424,00456,00506,00979,01065 00009 005 210
D17004007 Enhancing the Capability of Outbound SME Travel Agents for Service Innovation and Value Creation, responding to the New Business Challenge Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong 738,000 00436 00201,00205,00399,00452,01327,01328,01329,01368 00009 007 209
D17004008 To develop and train professional retail talents of jewellery industry through smart learning platform for sustainable development The Hong Kong Jewellers' and Goldsmiths' Association, Limited 1,358,874 01330 00289,00512,00791,01331,01332,01334,01335 00009 003 211
D17004009 The roadmap of design strategy for Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs Federation of Hong Kong Industries 2,500,020 00386 00009,00154,00278,00321,00602,00718,00913,00973,00992,01114,01257 005 001
D17004010 A promotional campaign to promote Hong Kong apparel machinery in the “Belt and Road” Countries Hong Kong Apparel Machinery Association Limited 4,583,455 01229 00082,00301,00476,00495,00685,00809,00921,01230,01231 00009 006 104
D17004011 To enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong screw and fastener industry through the promotion of their technical capability in EU/US market Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council Limited 2,530,080 00948 00115,00152,00707,00809 00009 006 106
D18001003 Towards “Print 4.0” - to meet the challenges and opportunities in future for Hong Kong printing industry The Hong Kong Printers Association 2,318,242 00717 00171,00369,00718,00722,01171,01353,01354,01355 00009 005 107
D18001005 A campaign to boost international market of new energy vehicle devices and critical automotive components with outstanding technology and quality Hong Kong Auto Parts Industry Association Limited 4,104,889 00152 00115,00116,00368,00495,00608,00684,00708,00809,01211 00009 006 100
D18001006 To enable the local children, babies and maternity industries in capturing the business opportunity in the fast-growing emerging markets under the One-Belt-One-Road initiatives Hong Kong Children, Babies and Maternity Industries Association Limited 3,148,596 01253 00014,00055,00386,00952 00009 006 100,217,221
D18001008 To illustrate technical strengths of Hong Kong fabric suppliers to potential overseas buyers Hong Kong & Kowloon Textile Fabrics Wholesalers Association Limited 3,711,060 01223 00097,00279,00921 00009 006 108
D18002001 To promote and educate the application of omnichannel sales, systems and softwares to local Hong Kong SMEs Hong Kong E-commerce Business Association Limited 684,360 01321 00118,00231,00394,01241,01302,01436 005 211
D18002005 Assist Hong Kong SMEs in connecting with global Internet of Things (IoT) industries and enhancing technology capabilities Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association Limited 1,121,108 00231 00068,00115,00152,00242,00608,00684,00708,00809,01001,01022,01211,01250,01265,01376,01377,01378 00009 006 206
D18002006 Introduction of FHS001:2013 to enhance the operation of food hygiene and safety performance in catering sector The Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Limited 1,528,425 00473 00133,00139,00824,00863,01379 00129 005 202
D18003004 Feasibility study on the quality of Hong Kong start-up development for supporting the sustainable business growth The Hong Kong Society for Quality Limited 1,050,129 01431 00386,00624,01001,01432 00129 004 001
D18003006 Adoption of world class technology benchmarking mechanisms for precision tooling industry and formulate advancement roadmap Federation of Hong Kong Industries 2,801,088 00386 00115,00116,00152,00219,00386,00495,00629,00668,00809,01200 00009 005 100